Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In Progress: New Tote

Ever since I saw Gertie's blog post on Alabama Chanin, the applique encrusted fashion line, I've been wanting to give applique a try.  Here's an image from the Alabama Chanin site:

All those little hand stitches really fire up the inner obsessive compulsive!

In addition to selling the clothing, Natalie Chanin, the company owner, also sells D.I.Y. kits on the site and offers a PDF of a stencil you can download and use to make your own Alabama Chanin-esque attire. So, I downloaded the stencil and am making my very own Alabama Chanin inspired tote. Here is a picture of tote in progress:

Using the stencil, I traced the design on to the canvas with a pencil, and started filling in shapes with the fabric and stitches. It actually goes a lot quicker than it looks. Here's another (rather washed out) view:

Here's the tote, almost finished. Lucius insists that it is really a cat bed. He's pretty convincing, don't you think?

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