Saturday, October 16, 2010

Notions Old and New

On a visit to my grandmother this summer, I learned that she had been an avid sewer in her youth. She still has a long-tucked away stash of notions to prove it:

I had no idea. By the time I came along she had taken over my grandfather's family business, a small grocery on the Upper East Side, leaving little time for the domestic arts. She was not the type of granny who made pies and knitted scarves, but she was always effervescent, fiercely independent, and an eternal optimist. When I called her once in college, bummed out after breaking up with a boyfriend, she told me: "Don't worry, Darling, this is good news. You're a free agent now." She also had a great sense of style:

Isn't that dress divine? I believe this was taken at her cousin's wedding, for which she was a bridesmaid. Although dementia has claimed much of her personality, she remains a consummate Yankees fan and one of my favorite people in this world.

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