Friday, October 8, 2010

A Sweet Dress for the Hot and Sticky

Remember summer? After being preoccupied with sweat stains for the last five months, the weather has finally turned too cold to wear this dress. Oh, Sweat Stains, how I miss you! Nevertheless, being that this was one of my first forays into patternmaking, I thought it might be a good place to start this blog. I made the pattern using the principles outlined in Cal Patch’s excellent book, Design-It-Yourself Clothes: Patternmaking Simplified. Her directions are so easy to follow, that after having some success with her suggested first project- an A-line skirt, I felt confident enough to design this number for a July wedding. Being that the heat was at its most oppressive peak and my dressiest shoes are burgundy pumps, I had the following criteria for its design:

1)      Something that doesn’t show sweat
2)      Something with a halter top
3)      Not too form fitting, but not a mumu
4)      Something light blue or pinky beige.

I put in the last stitches just a couple hours before it was time to leave. Realizing I was out of hem tape, I found a piece of ribbon to use instead. After sewing it on, I realized I liked it and decided to keep it exposed instead of turning it under. What a time saver! 

Stephan took pictures at the bus stop. We were almost late! Here’s another view:


  1. I'd love to have this book, but here in Portugal is very difficult if not impossible, to find it. You could make it available on
    I would be eternally grateful!

  2. Hi Gina, Thanks for stopping by. I think that copyright laws would prohibit me from posting the book on the site, but the book is available on and they ship internationally. Cheers, Sally