Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finished Project: Boatneck Top

Here is the boatneck top I wrote about here. I struggled with this much more than I had anticipated, mostly due to the stretchiness of the knit I was working with. I remember reading somewhere to avoid knits that rolled at the edges. Next time I'll be sure to heed that warning!

For a while I thought the neckline would look more like this:

than this:

I ended up reinforcing a strip of fabric with fusible interfacing facing and using it to enclose the raw edge of the neckline.

Here it is stitched and notched before I turned it under. 

The hem is a little wonky as well, but overall, I like how it fits, and I'll probably use the pattern I drafted as a starting point for my next project.


  1. The neckline on your top turned out absolutely perfect. (interesting the way you reinforced the neckline... and it worked!) That is a classi style and fits you so well.

  2. Thanks, Anita! I wasn't sure if my fellow seamstresses were out there cringing- applying fusible interfacing to knit fabric kind of defeats the purpose of using knits! But, yup, it worked.