Friday, November 5, 2010

Up Next: Peter Pan Collar

I'll be posting soon on the boatneck top I wrote about here. In the meantime, I've been thinking about my next project. Here's a rough sketch of what I have in mind:

I'd definitely like to try a Peter Pan collar, possibly with some corded piping on its edges. I'm not quite sold on the fabric, though. I like the blue/brown combo, but I'm wondering if the print will be a little too rowdy. Let's take a closer look:

Does it make you think "70s maternity dress?" Not exactly the look I'm going for.

Maybe if I lose the sleeves?


  1. More thoughts on this project...Cap sleeves with a little volume to them are a must. I agree that the collar should be in a contrasting color (blue sounds perfect) but I am not sure about pleated pockets in a contrasting color. Blue pockets might send you into children's wear territory.

    Bring your sewing machine in on Monday. Let's get to work!

  2. Good point about the pockets! Should I bring my dress form tomorrow as well? I think it would look great behind my desk. Someone else has envisioned a Peter pan uniform. Check it out:

  3. This looks adorable!!! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello at The Stitchy Life :D