Monday, December 6, 2010

Bodice in Progress

After a crazy couple of weeks, I finally had a chance to take another crack at drafting a bodice this past weekend. This time I did a little research and found a few step-by-step guides. I decided to go with this one. It's actually from a site devoted to Renaissance Fair garb, but it seemed to have some of the clearest instructions of the other guides I found. Not that I'll be sewing a wench outfit anytime soon, but a bodice is a bodice, right?

I was somewhat skeptical as I plotted my measurements on newsprint, but I was surprised at how close I came this time:

In summary: I need to shortened the distance between shoulder and bust (you can see I have the extra fabric pinned), lower the bust dart and increase the bust dart slightly and shorten the waist dart.

Okay, so the back is a little wrinkly... maybe a little ease around the waist?

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