Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where has all the sewing gone?

In the spirit of keeping holiday traditions alive, I've taken a break from the bodice action to spend some time on other crafty endeavors. Each year since we've been married, Stephan and I have sent out handmade holiday cards. Each year we decide to take a year off, then end up cranking out the card in a last minute frenzy. Usually, Stephan screenprints the cards, usually incorporating our cats in a holiday scene, but this year we've decided to go with cut paper snowflakes. Here's a peak:

The flakes are cut from Thai Mulberry paper using this folding technique. The patches of color are cut from Color-Aid paper.

Here are some cards from holiday past:

From 2006-  My beloved Blanche and her stars of wonder.

From 2007- Blanche and our new addition, Lucius, making peace under the mistletoe.

From 2008- The year Blanche became an angel.

From 2009- Lucius and his new best friend, Dieter, awash in holiday love.

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