Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kid Sweater

Hello, dear friends-  It’s been a while! I’ve taken a year’s sabbatical from Sally so I could devote more of my weekend and after work hours to school. Now that school is over (Yes, for good!), I’m looking forward to all those sewing projects I daydreamed about when I was supposed to be writing papers.

In spite of time constrictions, I have managed to eke out a few projects over the past year, such as this sweater I made for a friend's little girl:

Hopefully, it will still fit her when this heatwave passes! The green yarn is Knit Pick’s Shine Sport in Green Apple. The cream colored yarn is from some unidentified remnant I had in my stash. I followed this “Sheepy-Time” pattern from the Stitch-n-Bitch Superstar Knitting book, substituting a classic zig-zag for the little sheep.

 Using a smaller gauged yarn for the zig-zag slightly cinched the waist without having to decrease stitches. I’ll have to try out this technique on my next big girl sweater.

Anyhow, so good to be back!

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