Friday, July 6, 2012

The Project that Will Never Die

You've experienced this, right? A project takes a wrong turn and yet, you are determined to make it work? From the annals of unfinished projects comes that wool dress with the Peter Pan collar that I was so excited about all those months (years?) ago. You may recall that this project was an early foray into patternmaking, and actually, the fit of the dress isn't bad. I'd try it on for you, but it's almost 100 degrees outside and nearly that hot in my sewing room. I am just not sold on that collar. Here it is pinned to the dress so you get the idea:

I'm thinking of ditching the collar, folks. Alas, I've learned several things in the process of making this project:

1) When you are not very busty and you wear big, floppy Peter Pan collars with Mary Jane shoes, you run the risk of looking like an overgrown Little Orphan Annie.

2) Hand stitching may take longer, but when you are working with corded piping, it will allow you to attach it much more evenly than with a machine.

3) Homemade dress forms have a tendency to sag and lump with age, not unlike their real life counterparts. A little extra duct tape and spray foam can help with the former; a little yoga can help with the latter.


  1. Your dress looks like it would be great without the collar - the style is very classic

  2. Thanks, Kirsty! That's the route I'll probably take. The piping is cute and fun to do, but I'm thinking I'll get much more use out of a dress with a cleaner neckline. Thanks for stopping by!